So you want better content?

Perfect, because that’s what this post is all about.

1. Know Your Audience

I know that everyone and their mother says this, but it’s true. If your business or service is newer, you can simply ask them about themselves.  Google Forms is a great option to compile opinions.

2. Write for Your Audience

If you write instructional manuals or super dence scientific reports, ignore the following advice. If you write for the average human, read on.

Jargon and buzzwords might get you a little attention, but it doesn’t hold a reader for very long. You have to figure out the words your people want to hear and speak to (not at) them using them.

3. Goals

Having goals is the most important thing in my opinion. If you don’t know the outcome you want, how can you set a plan in motion to reach that goal?

Every single piece of content you put out there must have a purpose, even if it’s to book one call or get 50 webinar signups.

Your content should be working toward one or more main goals. And you should include sub-goals for those big goals.

Your content should be an expression of you. (The secret sauce of getting paid to be YOU)

Your content should be written for the audience reading it. Otherwise, no one listens and it’s pointless.

Your content should always have a call to action. Yes, all content. How will people know what to do if you don’t tell them to click here, enroll now or get on the waitlist?

4. Be Yourself

Ironically, I currently have this saying on the letterbord in my home. Do you know who thought of it? My son’s step-sister. She is 8. So the lesson here is think about approaching your audience with childlike abandon and just be yourSELF.

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5. Mix it Up

Remember number one? Knowing your audience will help you mix things up, but you have to ask them what they like. Personally, I’m an audio gal. Technically, I listen to Youtube videos as well. I also like to read. Reading requires more focus for me though. I would prefer a podcast or anything I can simply listen to around the house or out on a walk.

6. Ask for Action

If you made it this far, you have already encountered a pop up on this post. I asked you to sign up for “The 30 Day Launch Checklist”.  If you clicked the x, then here is your second chance. Get in on this here!

See there, I asked you twice to sign up. I want your email address. Not just so I can send you those particular emails, but so I can email you about once a week with some really great stuff. I would also love it if you followed me on Facebook. It’s a great way to get to know me and connect with me. Now that makes it four times.

The same applies to your offers, website copy and social media content. This goes back to goals. If you want sign ups, discovery calls, likes or engagement, you have to ask for it.

How will you take action today?