The 25 Most Overused Words in The Online Space According to Entrepreneurs (the ones I asked anyway)

If you’re anything like me you spend at least part of your day online talking to other entrepreneurs. I talk to people selling services and products and the people who buy from them.  If you spend time on Instagram or facebook in particular, in groups, you’ve probably noticed a lot of pitching and preaching going on.

You know, those helpful posts that are supposed to motivate you or encourage you to work with someone to fix all of your broken parts. While there are tons of genuine people who are trying to be of service and actually help, there are also a metric shit ton of fluff and bullshit posts aimed at surface level guidance and scare tactics.

Words are what I do, so naturally I like to talk in a language my audience not only understands, but also resonates with them.  Like really hits home, minus the fluff and ick.

Over the past week I’ve spent quite a bit of time posting in groups and talking with other female entrepreneurs about the language that bugs the shit out of them. I asked them to tell me the words and phrases that make them want to gag.

In no particular order here are 25 from one post:

  1. Hustle or grind
  2. “Get out of your own way”
  3. AF
  4. Tribe
  5. Swearing when it’s for attention and over done. One woman said – “I don’t mind the odd f bomb dropped in or slipped out, I am quite a sweary person myself and don’t get offended by it. But I find it off putting when someone has a whole load of copy littered with fuck and shit every other sentence.I don’t feel it’s necessary to get your point across or sell your services!
    It’s getting too much!! It reminds me of a teenager whose doing it because his/her parents are out”
  6. “Playing Small”
  7. Narcissist
  8. “Babe” or “Boss Babe”
  9. Being called “sis” or “lovely”
  10. Mindset – I think this is because people are using it like a weapon, as if it’s something to hold against someone. Like if you’re not manifesting right that’s why your business isn’t taking off.
  11. Level Up
  12. Imposter Syndrome
  13. Mom/mama/girl/lady-preneur – The argument here is that men don’t need a separate title, so why should we.  I totally get that.
  14. “Authentic”
  15. “Cash Injection”
  16. “Vulnerable post” – One woman said, ” I would roll my eyes and skip it, assuming it was someone using “real talk” “authenticity” to try to sell me something.”  Yup, I’ve felt that way too, sis. jk
  17. “What no longer serves you.”
  18. Hey girl…I got you, girl.
  19. Journey
  20. Unicorn
  21. Anything that starts with “OMG Y’ALL/GUYS”
  22. Dig deep…unpack this
  23. Your truth
  24. “That’s my jam”
  25. “Read that again “

You know as well as I do that these words are used every day, multiple times a day.

Can I get real and vulnerable for a minute?

Ha! I’m kidding, but that was an actual post in a facebook group when I searched the group for the word “vulnerable”. It got your attention though, didn’t it? That’s the reason I think it is so played out and people hate this one the most. Yeah, a lot of people chimed in on this one.  Let’s be real babe – you can be vulnerable without having to make an announcement about it.

Here are a few examples: 

“What holds you back from going live, showing up on IG stories, or even getting vulnerable in your posts?” 

“Hi! You know when you are pushing yourself, being vulnerable, stepping into the fire in a way you haven’t been willing to before and feeling tired and raw as a result?”

This last one!! All. Day. Long.

” I don’t want to be vulnerable I don’t want strangers knowing my problems or seeing me with eye gunk in the morning… I don’t want to show my kids pictures or my husbands…that does not make me vulnerable and shouldn’t make you want to buy from me more. I certainly don’t buy more when I see that. I just want a great product, excellent customer service, fast shipping and fair pricing. I could care less how you look in the morning or if you are a hot mess. That just turns me off. Showing that doesn’t make you a better business person and it certainly doesn’t make me one. I guess I’m old school. Ok rant done there I got it off my chest and let the comments begin cause I know I’m gonna get it. EDIT to add that I am referring to the school of thought and or teaching of it that it has become like expected and therefore even maybe faked to “be authentic”.”   This lady wins the internet for me today. Plus she used authentic too. Kudos.

So maybe these words are your jam and maybe they serve you and your audience. Don’t kill the messenger, girl.  I’m simply making you aware of how easily shit can get overdone and out of control on Al Gore’s internet. I even use the word authentic on my website, which now I’m totally rethinking. Maybe.

But I refuse to stop swearing. I am the friend that friends tell to watch their mouth around children.  I shit you not. But, you won’t find my blog or social laiden with profanity either. Even I know when to drop a well placed f-bomb and when to shut my fuckin mouth.

I do want to end with a little blurb about Imposter Syndrome

It is real. You might call it comparison or envy, but it’s all the same. You cannot copy what someone else has or does and expect the same result, so why the hell are you giving yourself an ulcer over why you don’t have “her” sales or “her” client roster?

If you are messy – be messy.

If you are on point 24/7 – go be perfect then.

If you worry that your content/voice/opinions….

Might trigger people


Get you some negative feedback


Alienate a few people…..

It’s fine. Don’t let that deter you. Keep posting your opinions. Talk your talk and walk your walk.

The RIGHT clients will find you (because of this).

xo~ Lisa