Reading an article this morning, I came across that question. The author asks you to think about the core message of your business like this:
Imagine yourself in a room full of your ideal clients. They are all struggling with the same problem. Sit for a minute or so with your eyes closed, and feel the pain, fear or frustration all around you. Get really clear on what it feels like to walk in their shoes. Then open your eyes and imagine that you have 60 seconds and a microphone. What would you say to reassure these ideal clients that you can solve their problem?

Fear can be a great motivator, yes?!

Frustration or fear is normal at any level, but it’s important to not let it take over. Your story, your knowledge and who you are is very important to you, your brand and the people you’re trying to reach. When you speak or write or engage with people, fear needs to take a back seat, because at the end of the day we are all scared sometimes. There is not a single person on this planet that has not experienced anxiety around something they are trying to achieve.

It’s your job to harness that fear into a message that gets people excited. You have to show up and connect and show them why you care. A lot of people will tell you to be consistent, but it is so much more than that. You must be consistently GOOD.

Consistency for you will not look the same as it does for her, or him, or that person who’s marketing style you admire so much. Why? Because your core message is not their core message. You didn’t start a business or come to your “why” in the same way that they did. So let’s just drop the copycatting, the fomo, the imposter syndrome and anything that looks like that.

As the saying goes – “You do you, boo”!

Being yourself is not hard. You do this every damn day.

Think about how you would talk in your everyday life. How you would converse with a friend or even a stranger, if you were just being yourself. How you get totally pumped when you speak about the work you do. Better yet, how you speak when you are genuinely excited about anything.

I could go on for hours about personal branding, storytelling and creating copy. I can look at your website and social media and immediately know where things are going right and where things need to be improved. If we have a call about it, shit, I will come with 20 ideas and strategy you can use today.

But I am not “on” 24/7.

Neither are you.

When the switch is flipped however, it is crucial to be “on”.

When you are not feeling it, do not force it. When it feels gross, back the hell off. When it no longer becomes about service, it will not work.  We all have days where it gets to be a bit peopley on the internet. I suffer from anxiety and there are days that the thought of engaging with people sounds no fun at all.

Those are the days that I just find another way. I ask more and listen more and let the people do the talking. And you know what, they inspire me and never disappoint me with their determination. It’s fuel and the reason I do what I do.

Figuring out your business’s core message

If we go back to the authors question above, she askWhat would you say to reassure your ideal clients that you can solve their problem?

  1. Who do you serve? Who is the client?
  2. What exactly is their problem?
  3. What is your unique method or way of solving the problem?
  4. What is is like for them after working with you?

For me, my business’s core message would look like this: My ideal client(s) are female entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and amplify their presence. They want content and a strategy to call in their audience through their authentic brand voice, so that they can convert more and pitch less.

Together, we set specific and targeted goals, looking at the whole brand. We create a plan for content and engagement that shines a light on you as an expert, allowing you to not just stand tall in that roll, but communicate it effectively in conversations with your ideal clients.

We develop a strategy to take your audience on a journey that begins with your expertise and ends with their improvement because of working with you.

We work to curate an experience, rather than an interaction for your existing and future audiences.

In the end, your brand’s voice and messaging is more cohesive. Your audience (old and new) feels understood through your passion. They trust the hell out of you and take action on your offers.

in a nutshell, anyway….

If you journal, these are great questions to use a prompts. If you don’t journal, I’ve copied them into a google doc for you right here.

xo, Lisa

p.s. If you really want to get to the heart of your core message and better copywriting for your business, check out 6 DAYS TO BETTER CONTENT.