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For service-based and online entrepreneurs who don’t do average and want to NAIL their next launch!

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One where you rake in five or six figures, maybe even seven, over the course of a couple of weeks. People are clamoring for your offer and are practically begging you to let them in before the cart is even open.

Your inbox is blowing up with requests to work with you.

Woodland animals sense your magic and are now gathered at your doorstep to watch the bippity-boppity beauty of it all unfold.

When the cart closes, there’s lots of champagne, happy tears, high fives and swooning over your new bank balance.

BUT BACK HERE IN THE REAL WORLD…’s probably more like staring at a blank screen, praying to the Copy Gods to give you the words that make people hit that buy button on your sales page. Then there’s the ten emails you now need to write, because if the sales page doesn’t do it, those will surely draw them in.

After that you need an outline for your free training and a way to get people signed up so you can convert them to a buyer. (hopefully people show up)

Shittttt….. this is a lot of copy.

Oh and don’t forget to engage and sell on your social channels and in Facebook groups, in between too.

Time to open the cart – with bated breath, fingers crossed and an offering to a Norse God you’ve never heard of, just in case. And if sales are still less than desirable, you keep the cart open and sprinkle in some bonuses to attract just one or two more.

Now cue the ugly cry, because you poured your heart and soul into this & sacrificed sleep over this, only to end up feeling defeated and stressed out.

But I promise there is a better way.


You don’t need a big team to be successful. You just need a plan, so you can show up confidently and consistently to attract + convert the perfect buyers for your services, offers or products.

Combine that with a copywriter (me) and stellar launch strategy in your corner; we will hit them with the one-two punch of your magic + how that magic changes their lives for the better, to engage them, shower them with value and make it a no-brainer for them to buy.

Hi, I’m Lisa. Your new bff and launch partner, helping you turn your ideas into launch copy that connects + converts, even before the sale.

Not that long ago I also worked as a dating coach and matchmaker. My job was connecting people and guiding them to successful relationships. I helped them build confidence and a create a personal message that was powerful and converted to lasting connections. I learned about the psychology of human interaction and persuasion through training, real world experience with clients and experts in the field of human behavior.

As a copywriter,  I use that experience to capture your voice and help you expose the BEST parts of what you do and make it easy for your audience to go from “looking for the answer” to “hell yes, I need this in my life!”

As your launch partner I see your offer from a 20,000 foot view, to deliver what you provide as THE answer or solution to what your audience needs. My launch copy package takes most of the stress out of launching. (I say most, because, this is a big deal and who wouldn’t have a few nerves?!) It helps you get that profitable result you want and gives you the space you need to focus on engaging your audience and selling in a non-slimy or hurried way, because you know that the copy + a plan for your entire launch is taken care of for you.



Hell yes! When do we start?




I have partnered with my good friend and fabulous brand designer, Brit Miller over at Brand Confident to offer you branding, logo, sales page layout and social media assets for your launch (or any ol time)

$697 Brand + Canva Assets + Website

$347 Brand + Canva Assets

$397 Website Only

$297 Brand Only

$97 Canva Assets Only


You are connected with your audience in a genuine, non-used car salesman way.

Your people are nudged, not harassed into saying yesssss your offer.

You reclaim your time and sanity like the boss you are.

You have a complete, professional launch (that doesn’t make you ugly cry) that your offer unequivocally deserves!

FAQ – Because I know you have questions

Is there a guarantee?2020-09-23T19:14:46+00:00

No. And I’ll tell you why. Copywriting is only one part of a successful launch. There are a lot of factors to consider.  The quality and engagement of your list and followers, the validity and quality of your offer, and numerous other variables will be a big piece that can factor into your results. While I can’t guarantee a certain conversion rate or result, I can guarantee that I will do my due diligence with research, present you copy that speaks to your shared values with your audience and work to test and improve when necessary.

How do you deliver my copy?2020-09-23T19:07:29+00:00

You will have access to all deliverables via Google Docs.

How Many Revisions do I get?2020-09-23T19:05:52+00:00

Typically two. Rarely do we need more.

What does this timeline look like?2020-09-23T19:03:49+00:00
  1. When I reach out after you’ve completed the application, we will schedule out first Zoom call. It will be a quick 20-30 minutes to make sure we’re a good fit.
  2. You pay a 50% deposit (or full balance) and sign the contract.
  3. Up next, you tell me more about your offer/service/product + who you serve via an in depth client form.
  4. We jam out during a Kick-Off Call on Zoom, where we talk about your brand, your values, client & prospects and a whole lot more.
  5. I conduct my own research into your brand voice to get in your head and in the heads of your current demographic + industry competitors to identify content gaps.
  6. I get to work on your copy and deliver each piece according to our agreed upon timeline.
  7. I present you with the copy and we meet over Zoom once more to discuss your feedback and any revisions you would like to see.
  8. I go back to work (if needed on revisions) and report back at the agreed upon date. At this point another call is not usually necessary, but can absolutely happen.
  9. When your copy is complete: Additional 50% balance due (if applicable) and you receive your finished copy documents.
  10. You launch!
  11. We jump for joy!
  12. Post-Launch: We review the launch in its entirety. For landing pages and email subject lines, we can discuss  alternate headlines, minor tweaks and possible retargeting strategy. (this in no way mimics an entire launch and will be limited).
I’m ready now! How do I start the process?2020-09-23T18:45:04+00:00

There are three big yellow buttons on this page where you can fill out an application. You can also CLICK HERE to get to the application.

When can we get started?2020-09-23T18:40:01+00:00

Launches take time, so with this in mind I book clients about 6-8 weeks in advance.


To determine if I’m the best fit for your project, I need a little bit of information before we connect. That way we can bypass all those pesky back and forth emails where I ask you about things like budget and start dates.

Please take a minute to answer a few questions by clicking the button below.



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